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FRC or the First Robotics Competition is FIRST's largest robotics program composed of high schooler competitors. The event encourages  STEM learning, gracious professionalism, and cooperation by hosting competitions between robots in a seasonally changed game. 


In a typical game, three FRC teams make a partnership called an alliance, which is randomly generated every match. The teams are labeled as the red or blue alliance and they compete against each other for points. The game starts with a 15-second autonomous period where all robots are completely pre-programmed to run a code to score, and following that is the 2 minutes and 15-second driver control period. The game ends after a 30-second endgame that gives teams more methods to score. The alliance that has the most points wins the match.



about ADC

The Aerial Drone Competition (ADC) is a competition run by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation (REC). Its focus is on the use of the CoDrone EDU which requires high school and middle school students to apply piloting, as well as programming skills for an autonomous drone. The used focus also requires students to involve the engineering design process as they will need to document their works and turn it into an engineering portfolio. The CoDrone EDU focus provides the prerequisite knowledge and operational skills necessary to advance in aerospace & STEM-related careers in the future.

As for the competition, two teams are randomly selected to be allied with each other, and will need to coordinate on a teamwork mission, in a one minute and thirty second match. With thirty seconds remaining, both drones will need to enter a specialized course that will score them points. For the piloting & autonomous field, teams send one person to test their individual skills as a pilot. The programming areas of the ADC focus on engineering aspects and make them incorporated into the game. In Aeronautics it is our job as a team receive a problem, ideate and research pre-existing solutions, and test various ways to fly the given course in the most efficient way possible. 

This Season's game

ADC's 2023-2024 Game is Mission 2024: Eclipse. 

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