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At Team Magma, we build more than Just robots.


We Build


We Build


We Build

Since the earth formed, hot magma has been boiling deep within the heart of it. As the magma escaped the center, it built upon itself to create igneous rock, leading to the formation of the Hawaiian islands we live on today. These beautiful islands house many unique communities with diversity. They are rich with culture, spirit and aloha. Likewise, Team Magma is constantly building and improving the foundation for a new culture that will stand the test of time.

Team Magma encourages our members to establish, evaluate and refine goals about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) while practicing gracious professionalism. The goal is to create an environment that prepares future leaders and engineers for the real world by providing opportunities for STEAM experience. Team Magma also works towards spreading STEAM ideas outside of the team by providing resources and education to aspiring engineers to form a solid foundation early on.


Team Magma’s motto is “Kaizen”, which stands for “continuous improvement”. The team embodies this philosophy and continues to seek growth. This motto is a strong encouragement and motivation for Team Magma when participating in outreach events with the community. In relation to Team Magma’s mission and vision, Team Magma strives to be continuously improving and impactful to the science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics community and future generation. Additionally, the team is constantly looking for ways to improve on ourselves, to learn from their mistakes, and to rise up stronger than before.

'23 Head Mentors Letter

Aloha E all,

As we kick off the 2023 FRC season, it is shaping up to be an energized year. The students are pumped and caffeinated, the mentors ready to “hear out the students” for their crazy ideas; ideas that we can smile at and say let's give it a go. 

This year a friend shared with me a story about our team raising the MoKraken. It went a little like this.

Deep beneath the streets of Honolulu, are lava tubes that have laid undisturbed for centuries….until now.  

The students from Kalani High School's robotics team, Magma #3008, in an attempt to build better, faster, stronger robots, obtained a rare metal that was able to change shape and adapt to any situation. Called Ga 3. As the team began experimenting with the rare metal, it proved unstable and melted at the slightest touch, (unlike their mad Mentor, Mr. Silver). In their frustration and attempt to control it, the metal broke containment and began streaming down through the porous lava rock, to the bottom of the Kamanawalay lava tube.

It was here that the ancient, legendary creature lay slumbering. Awakened by the smell of scorching Earth, it stretched up a tentacle to investigate, feeling and tasting it. The monster then became ravenous to consume all of this material. Little did the creature know that the metal began to react to the creature's physiology. Entering its bloodstream, it traveled and corrupted the DNA merging with its own essences as if it were itself a sentient being. The creature writhed and howled with pain in its transformation. 

The students working late as they do every night during the 6-week build season, heard and indeed felt something awful far below the ground. The students turned to their mentors. The mentor knew this was not an earthquake to be feared but an opportunity to investigate. So they dug through the piles of electronics and half-finished prototypes to rig up a video robot to send down into the dark crevices of the lava tubes; in hopes of discovering the nature of what was happening below their feet. What they discovered made them shudder, half cephalopod and half something akin to a robot. It seemed wild and uncontrollable. If only they could harness the enormous power of this creature to ease its pain and use it as an ambassador for STEM.

Pulling from their Polynesian studies and their current studies of Rapanu’i (Easter Island) they fashioned a giant Moai. 3D printing it in their mobile maker lab, they graphed it onto the creature’s body. Once the program was downloaded, the creature’s hideous sounds began to ease, the tension in its arms let go and it seemed to be at peace. At first, its movements were erratic, however, the programmers were able to adjust the code providing more control and autonomy. With joyous cries, the team shouted out, “It's Alive!!” Thus the MoKraken was born. Able to reach out and quickly move cones and spheres to three levels, it was also able to help its alliance team balance on the teetering ramp! 

We will see how we shape up this year in FRC, traveling to Port Hueneme and Hawai’i regionals. I hope my team will stay inspired and good luck to all!

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 4.33.09 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 4.23.56 PM.png
Bryan Silver

Teacher | Mentor | Coach

Lead Robot Inspector

Presidential Awardee in Science 2015

Woody Flowers Finalist Hawaii Regional 2015

Albert Einstein Fellow 2018


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