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FAll 2023 CODrone ACADEMY

CoDrone Academy is a leading educational platform that immerses students in the world of drones. This dynamic academy provides hands-on drone assembly, programming, and flight control training while emphasizing safety and programming languages like Python. CoDrone Academy empowers students to become proficient drone enthusiasts, ready to explore the exciting potential of drone technology.

Click on the button below to sign up!

Registration closes on Friday, October 6th, 2023. 11:59PM HNL

Further information regarding classroom location and parking will be sent out via email after sign up. Please make sure the email you use to sign up is one that you check regularly.

For more questions, please email us at

Dates: October 9th-13th

Time: 9am-12pm

Location: Kalani High School,

4680 Kalaniana'ole Hwy 96821 | Classroom E-17 & E-18

Age Range: 4th-8th grade

Cost: $150

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