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Bristle Bots
  • Bristle Bots

    • Have you ever wanted to build your own robot from scratch? Bristlebots are easy, fun small robots to build! Once built, they buzz along a flat surface like little mechanical bugs.
    • Serious Fun. Learn about electronics while having fun! Explore hands on physics and engineer your ideas into reality. Excellent STEM robotic education kits. See how fun robotics can be!
    • These educational robotics kits are great for parties, classrooms, and pretty much any event! Create a bristlebot science project or have racing bristlebots. Once you learn how to make a simple robot, the possibilities are endless!
    • Bristlebot kits are highly customizable! You can use the bristlebot kit to create one robot style, then take it apart and try a different version.
    • Each Bot is 1/2 in wide 1 3/4 length and stand without battery 9/16 tall.
    • Please contact us for bulk orders.
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